Carrion Crown Greyhawk

Session 1 (30 Sep 2012)

An unlikely group of mourners gathered at the Restlands outside of the small town of Ravengro. Amongst the locals that knew Petros Lorrimor, a few outsiders had come to pay their respects. Amongst them were Illura Del Shar, Manx, Zemye and Jane.

After fighting off a group of superstitious local farmers, Petros’ body was able to be laid to rest. The outsiders were invited by Petros’ daughter, Kendra, back to the house to hear his will read. Within was a strange request – that the group stay in Ravengro for 30 days, then return a set of ‘dangerous’ tomes of knowledge to the University of Leipstadt.

The box that these tomes were contained contained another strange item – the professor’s journal, with several sections highlighted. The group of strangers began to guess that foul play may have been the result of Petros’ death, and set about investigating further.

Clues in the journal pointed to a false crypt in the cemetery that may hold tools to help in the investigation. The group quietly made their way there and broke in to the old crypt, finding a number of very useful tools for combating creatures of the night. Unfortunately, while in the crypt, the group were attacked by giant centipedes, and Jane was hurt badly by the poisonous bite of one of them.

The group returned back to the house and settled in for sleep, planning further investigation in the morning…



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