Carrion Crown Greyhawk

Session 3 (27 October)

After Zemya managed to win over the confidence of the girls singing the ghastly skipping song, they told her that it had come to one of them one morning when they woke up. The girls were always coming up with verses to try to scare each other, but the similarity between the 5 Harrowstone prisoners over 50 years ago and these verses was uncanny.

The group was still unsure of whether to question Alendru Ghoroven about this, but decided not to quiz him about it just yet.

Further conversation with the old Dwarven woman Jorfa confirmed that Warden Hawkran and his wife Vesorianna were human, and she would be unlikely to be alive today if she had somehow escaped the fire.

The group returned to the Harrowstone memorial, checking everything thoroughly but finding no new leads. Eventually, they decided to head up in the late afternoon to Harrowstone itself to find out a bit more about the Warden’s house and the Harrowstone grounds themselves.

Harrowstone prison itself is an old, sagging building clearly showing the effects of time. The wall around the prison is mostly solid, though covered in ivy. One section of wall has crumbled into a small lake that seems to have formed since the fire. The warden’s house looked ready to collapse.

Fearing that agents of the Whispering Way may be occupying Harrowstone and watching their approach, the group approached cautiously and thought carefully about how to enter. Jayne entered through the front gate first (feeling a sudden rush of claustrophobia and burning), then met the others as they climbed over the ruined wall near the lake. Seeing no reaction from the house or the prison, they checked out the gatehouses at the entrance to the wall.

One of the gatehouses was infested with a swarm of large rats that poured out to attack everyone. A quick Color Spray spell from Manx quickly knocked them all out, and everyone set about squashing chopping and stabbing them until none remained.

The Warden’s house was completely empty, and began collapsing as Manx and Zemye rummaged around in it.

Eventually, the group moved up to the prison house itself, to look for the site of Professor Lorrimor’s death. While looking for this, they noticed that the grass and weeds around the base of the building had been cleared away and a series of runes had been carved into the base of the building and smeared with blood. This extended all the way around the building except for the corner submerged in the lake. They had trouble reading the runes themselves, but copied a sample to take home.

Not wishing to enter the building just yet, the group checked out the lake. Manx stepped into the lake briefly, but pulled back when Jayne detected evil creatures moving to the surface of the lake from its depths. Three skeletons rose from the muddy water, shambling ashore. As the mud sloughed from their yellowed bones, the bones began to blacken and smoulder. The group made quick work of these skeletons, whose bodies instantly stopped smouldering once they were destroyed.

Looking further into the lake with her Detect Evil ability, Jayne could see an entire graveyard of unquiet dead below. The party quickly backed away and, with the light beginning to fade, made their way back to town.



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