Carrion Crown Greyhawk

Session 4 (6 November)

After a good night’s sleep, the party took a wander in town. At The Laughing Demon inn, they met Mustafa, a stranger whose master had been a friend to Professor Lorrimor.

A visit to Jominda Fallenbridge’s apothecary introduced the adventurers to the Harrow Deck and a card reading known as a Harrowing. Unfortunately, the cards were not able to directly answer their very specific question (where is Vesorianna Hawkran right now?), so they left just as confused as before (though perhaps the cards have smiled on their fate in some way?)

The adventurers spent the night looking over the Harrowstone monument, with no incident. However, upon wandering into town the next morning, they discovered that a villager had been killed in the Town Square during the night, his throat ripped out. A witness (who was quite drunk at the time) spoke of a human shaped figure that then chased him until he escaped into the woods.

As news came that some graves in the cemetary had been disturbed overnight, the group came to the grim conclusion that the dead were rising and attacking the living. They resolved to stay at the cemetary that night, and asked Gibs Hephenus and his friends to look after the monument.

That night, the dead did indeed rise from their graves. 2 zombies and a skeleton rose up and were quickly put down again by Jayne, Zemye, Illura, some of the deputies and a few acolytes from the temple, sent by Father Grimburrow.

At the same time, Mustafa was staying with Gibs and his friends, watching the monument. When Gibs wandered off unexpectedly, Mustafa followed. Realising he was being followed, Gibs whirled around, seemingly possessed, and attacked Mustafa in a frenzy. Gibs’ friends and Manx all rushed to the scene and together they managed to subdue the old retired soldier. Upon regaining conciousness, Gibs could not remember anything of his ordeal.

In the morning, the team brought Gibs to the Ravengro Jail, where the sheriff agreed to keep him for his own safety for a while.



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