Carrion Crown Greyhawk

Session 5 (10 November)

After an eventful night, the team slept through the morning and arose around noon.

Relaxing in the town square near some musicians, Manx and Zemye were shocked to see 2 Stirges fly in and attack the group.

With all of the strange happenings in and around town, the townfolk were starting to panic. Answers were being demanded from the Council, who agreed to a Town Hall meeting that night.

The Town Hall meeting was a full house. The Hall itself was packed to capacity, and many more spilled outside, listening through the door. At the meeting, it was clear that the Council did not have a solid plan. Jayne proposed that the adventurers travel to Harrowstone and root out the cause of all of this trouble once and for all. The villagers were uncomfortable with the idea, and debating it when disaster struck.

All 5 of the lanterns lighting up the town hall suddenly burst and splashed oil across the walls nearby. The walls caught fire, and panic filled the room as the crowd fell over each other rushing for the exit. Worse, two flaming skulls burst in through the windows and flew over to attack people while the fires raged. The team managed to destroy the flaming skulls, then control and put out the fires while also co-ordinating the evacuation of the building and saving a few citizens who had succumbed to the fires.

At a followup meeting at Councillor Hearthmount’s house later, the council agreed to let the party investigate Harrowstone, and offered to pay them if they could solve the curse that had now descended on Ravengro.



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