• Alendru Ghoroven

    Alendru Ghoroven

    Retired Wizard who now runs a school in Ravengro. Charges a lot for use of his library
  • Benjan Caeller

    Benjan Caeller

    Ravengro town Sheriff
  • Councillor Gharen Muricar

    Councillor Gharen Muricar

    Friend of Vashian Hearthmount, slightly lecherous
  • Father Vauran Grimburrow

    Father Vauran Grimburrow

    Head priest of the temple of Wee-Jas at Ravengro
  • Gibs Hephenus

    Gibs Hephenus

    Elderly but wiry retired soldier. Let the mob who tried to disrupt Petros' funeral
  • Jominda Fallenbridge

    Jominda Fallenbridge

    Owner of Jominda's Apothecary
  • Jorfa


    Middle-aged female Dwarf. Owner of the Ravengro Forge, and a skillful smith
  • Kendra Lorrimor

    Kendra Lorrimor

    Daughter of Petros Lorrimor. Female Human Diviner
  • Leromar


    One of Ravengro's Sheriff Deputies. Was on duty the first night the party visited the town Jail
  • Sarianna Vai

    Sarianna Vai

    Owner of The Outward Inn, a slightly more upmarket inn
  • Vashian Hearthmount

    Vashian Hearthmount

    One of Ravengro's town Councillors. Closest thing Ravengro has to a solicitor
  • Vrodish


    Sheriff's Deputy
  • Zokar Elkarid

    Zokar Elkarid

    Owner of The Laughing Demon, an inn in Ravengro